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Globe Telecom

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What it does: Globe is a major provider of telecommunications services in the Philippines.

Mission: Globe’s mission is to ‘create wonderful experiences for people to have choices, overcome challenges, and discover new ways to enjoy life’ 

Size & Presence: Nearly 8,000 staff across the Philippines, with headquarters at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila.

Financials: Globe is valued at an estimated 231.7 billion with annual revenue of ₱133 billion and earnings of ₱65 billion earnings in 2018.

Best known for: The leading mobile company in the Philippines, with 74.1M mobile customers and one of the largest mobile, fixed-line and broadband networks in the country.

The good bits: Fun work environment, Pay and rewards, and Office & facilities 

The not so good bits: Workload & tight deadlines, Dealing with irate customers, and Moving from contract to full-time employee can be difficult in some roles

Hiring grads with degrees in: 'The Globe Game Changer' and 'Management Development Program' graduate programs are open to graduates from all degrees. The General Management Development Program is open to MBA/MM graduates.

The Globe telecom story

Globe Telecom, Inc. (GLO) was originally incorporated on January 16, 1935 as Globe Wireless Limited with a franchise to operate wireless long-distance message services in the Philippines. The Company first offered its shares to the public on 11 August 1975. Globe Wireless Limited later changed its name to Globe Telecom, Inc. in 1992 and welcomed Singapore Telecom, Inc. as a new foreign partner in 1993. Over the years Globe has been party to various joint ventures and M&A activity and grown to become the largest telecommunications company in the Philippines, overtaking it's rival Smart Communications in 2016 to claim the largest subscriber base.

The Culture & Vibe

Employees commonly comment on the fun & friendly vibe. The 2019 Globe Annual Report boasts of 13 accredited interest clubs, such as the ‘917Crew Streetdance club" which represents Globe in inter-company competitions (JZA Cup) and the ‘Globe Adventure Club’, for adventure sports like mountaineering, biking and trail running. At the same time, staff are realistic about the fact that it's a fast-paced environment in a sector undergoing rapid changes, which can lead to high workloads and tight deadlines. According to the annual report, the staff attrition rate / turnover rate was 9.08% in 2018 (compared to a telecommunications industry average of 14%). Generally speaking, the 'vibe' is one well suited to 'work hard, play hard' type candidates, who can shoulder-high stress levels and make the most of the fun to be had.

At Globe, our goal is to create a wonderful world for our people, business, and nation. By uniting people of passion who believe they can make a difference, we are confident that we can achieve this goal.

Career prospects

For current students, Globe offers four programs designed to give an experience of the inner workings of telecommunications:

  1. Globe Summer Internship Program: an eight-week program that blends classroom learning with real-world application, open to local and international students in their second to last (penultimate) year of their college education.
  2. On-The-Job-Training Program: A year-round program aimed at students with Business and Technical degrees and as a feeder to the Management Development Program. Open to local and international students in their second to last (penultimate) year of their college education.
  3. Cadetship Program: A two-year program for students to explore career opportunities within the engineering domain. Open to graduates in the top 10% of their Electrical and Communication Engineering courses. 
  4. Globe Post-Graduate Internship Program: An eight-week program with real projects including interaction with senior management and executives. Open to postgraduates/MBA students (local and international) between their 1st and 2nd-year degrees and individuals with outstanding industry expertise.

These student programs can lead to the following graduate programs, although direct entry is also possible:

  1. 'Management Development Program' allows graduates to gain exposure and training across different domains in the business and contribute to projects in Corporate Social Responsibility and get mentoring from senior management and executives.
  2. '’General Management Development Program' is open to MBA/MM graduates, and is designed to be a six-month fast-track program to build a strong foundation of the telecommunications industry and gain substantial work experience to prepare you for strategic roles in the organization.

    The Competition

    Globe's main competitor in the fixed-line telephone market is PLDT with its subsidiary, Digitel. In the mobile phone market, Globe faces three key competitors: Smart, TNT and Sun Cellular. The duopoly enjoyed by Globe and PLDT-Smart is expected to end after the Philippine government approved Mislatel to become the Philippines’ third telecoms provider.

    The Recruitment process

    Globe recruits and screens most candidates via a traditional online application followed by a staged interview process, often starting with a phone interview. They also accept employee referrals. Candidates report interview questions as being relatively standard/easy, including questions based on resumes and experience during college, strengths and weaknesses, and 'why should we hire you?' It is, however, very competitive, with Globe stating for some roles they only accept graduates ‘in the top 10%’ of their courses, who have leadership potential and a track record of extra-curricular participation.


    While Globe to not typically advertise salaries for their job vacancies, insiders confirm salary and benefits are generally at or above market rates. Glassdoor pegs monthly salaries for interns between ₱6,000 and ₱7,000 per month, with manager salaries ranging from ₱30,000 per month to ₱110,000 per month depending on the role and experience.


    The Globe Way' as being underpinned by the following core values:

    • We put customers first.
    • We value people and together, we make a difference.
    • We act with integrity.
    • We care like an owner. We keep things simple.
    • We move fast. We are better every day.


    • Service incentive leave.
    • Maternity leave.
    • Paternity leave.
    • Solo parent leave.
    • Medical and legal leave for victims of violence against women and children.
    • Special leave for women following a surgery to address gynecological disorders.


    In a 2014 report finding that the Philippines placed last in global internet speeds, Globe was singled out as ‘the worst performing network’ by OpenSignal. It was also criticized over data caps imposed on its customers. Customers regularly take to social media to vent their frustration over the network's service interruptions.

    Social contribution

    Globe describes itself as ‘purpose-led organization’ that seeks to achieve ‘inclusive and sustainable development for all’, hinged on four sustainability strategy pillars:

    1. Digital Nation: make education technology accessible to all and help shape responsible digital citizens of tomorrow.
    2. Care for the Environment: enable programs that support climate action and continuing efforts to build the nation.
    3. Care for People: provide employment opportunities and economic growth within our value chain.
    4. Positive Societal Impact: play an active part in community development by using our people and technology as a catalyst of positive change.

    Globe has a history of initiatives that demonstrate this focus. In 2008, Globe, the Bank of the Philippine Islands and Ayala Corporation signed a memorandum of agreement to form a joint venture that would allow rural and low-income customers' access to financial products and services. In 2012, Globe launched Kickstart Ventures, Inc. (Kickstart) to help, support and develop the dynamic and growing community of technopreneurs in the Philippines. More recently in 2018, Globe has stated its mission to bring down the ‘financial wall’ for every Filipino.

    Through Globe Fintech Innovations, Inc. (known as Mynt), the company aims to promote exclusivity and finance for all. It reaches out to the underserved by the traditional banking system or the unbanked. Globe also aims to champion volunteerism and every year gives its employees one day of Volunteer Time-Off to pursue their personal advocacy.

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